Servant Leadership

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Servant leadership: The continuous endeavor to empower and serve the people you lead! Servant leaders challenge their organizations to go farther, reach higher and Improve faster while at the same time having fun and taking care of the organization’s most vital resource, people. The idea of addressing the bottom line first by always taking care of people requires leadership skills that are well beyond the traditional “command and control” style of management. Through this course you will learn and practice the most critical skills needed to become a servant and true asset to those you lead!

Course Duration:

2 Days


This course is appropriate for anyone desiring to serve high-performing teams as a servant leader.

Course Objectives:
  • Explain the high costs and disadvantages of employee disengagement and traditional command and control management
  • Discuss why Servant Leadership is more effective in most situations
  • Define characteristics of Servant Leaders and High Performing Teams
  • Identify characteristics of Servant Leadership that are underdeveloped within you
  • Design a plan to improve underdeveloped Servant Leadership Characteristics
  • Explain the different levels of team maturity and the role of the servant leader at each level
  • Present options to craft workshops and meetings that foster interaction and innovation
  • Demonstrate the use of powerful questions to help an individual identify and assess possible solutions to their own problem
Course Outline:
  • Why Lead This Way
    • The High Cost of Employee Disengagement
    • Signs of Disengagement
    • Top Causes for Disengagement
    • Hidden Costs of Command and Control Management
    • The Concept of Teams
    • Seeing the Whole – Value Streams
    • Cross Functional Teams
    • Characteristics of High Performing Teams


  • Guiding the Self-Organizing Team
    • Leadership versus Management
    • Servant Leadership
    • What is Servant Leadership?
    • Organizational Hierarchy
    • Servant Leader Inverted Hierarchy
    • Real World Servant Leaders – What do they do?
    • Servant Leader Characteristics
    • Measuring the Effectiveness of Leaders
    • The Servant Leadership Assessment – Assessing Yourself


  • Team Development
    • Team Maturity Stages
    • Servant Leader Roles Through These Stages
    • Welcoming, Building Trust
    • Understand the Organization Mission & Values
    • Setting the Team’s Igniting Purpose!
    • Establish Team Norms
    • Encouraging and Leading Self-Organization
    • Establish Whole Team Responsibility


  • Facilitation
    • Designing Meetings and Workshops for Interaction and Innovation
    • Facilitating Meetings
    • Facilitating Planning Workshops
    • Facilitating Continuous Learning


  • Coaching and Mentoring
    • Powerful Questions
    • Coaching the Team
    • Coaching Individuals


  • Addressing Dysfunctional Behavior and Conflict
    • Dysfunctional or Not?
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Example Techniques for Resolving Conflict
    • Correcting Unwanted Behavior
    • Setting Clear Development & Growth Goals
    • Building Trust Between Team Members
    • Enhancing Communication
    • Become a Barrier Buster!


  • The Next Steps
    • Coaching Others to be Servant Leaders
    • The Next Steps

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