Advanced JavaScript with AJAX and HTML5

This course elaborates on nTier’s basic JavaScript training, focused on three areas of client-side JavaScript programming. The first topic explores how to use prototypal inheritance in JavaScript for building robust and reliable applications. The second topic leverages the XMLHttpRequest object to perform AJAX requests. Finally, the third topic explains how to use the advanced features of HTML5 for building advanced client-side applications.

Server-Side JavaScript with Node.JS and Express

nTier’s Server-side JavaScript with Node.js and Express training teaches experienced JavaScript developers how to create server-side applications with JavaScript, Node.js and the Express framework. Class time will be divided, with 65 percent dedicated to hands-on learning and 35 percent to lecture.
This class explains where Node.js came from, what it does and why it has rapidly become one of the leading server technologies. Students will learn how to work successfully with the asynchronous model that underlies Node.js in order to easily and quickly create highly scalable sites and services. Core Node.js APIs are covered as well as practical tips and design patterns for server-side JavaScript.
Students will get a solid understanding of how to approach and solve application design challenges using Node.js. The Express framework is introduced to add a basic layer of abstraction for common web application patterns. Alternative frameworks are briefly discussed as well.


This course teaches participants to apply the benefits of the jQuery library to their applications. At the conclusion of this class, students will know how to embellish content using jQuery’s DOM modification methods. This course will emphasize the simplicity of HTML and the dynamic decoration of those components using jQuery. Participants will also learn to send and retrieve information with AJAX methods.

Advanced JavaScript

The Advanced JavaScript course covers programming with the JavaScript language, building web pages that interact with server-side resources and accelerating development with popular application frameworks. Participants will learn how to use JavaScript and related debugging tools within a browser context as well as how to use the web page as a dynamic user interface. This course also covers how to interact with web services to perform business operations and communicate results to a user and how to leverage existing JavaScript frameworks to easily add advanced capabilities to their apps while keeping them cross-platform and cross-browser compatible.