Mature Agile Team Workshop

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This advanced workshop is designed for Agile teams who have been practicing Agile for at least a year and want a deep dive session that explores the unique challenges they are facing at this stage of their maturity. The activities and topics covered are customized to each team with a goal of filling the immediate gaps.

This workshop includes the Agile Maturity Model team assessment so that the team and coach have clear visibility into their top strengths, gaps and growth areas. This workshop is completely customized to fit your team’s needs.

You use YOUR own team’s challenges throughout the course. At the end of this course, the team develops an actionable growth plan to move to the next level of maturity.

Course Duration:
1-2 Days


The Mature Agile Team Workshop is intended to fine-tune the processes that your teams are already running. This means the workshop should include all Scrum team member: Scrum masters, product owners, development teams, QA and others.


Participants will need a basic background in Agile.

Course Objectives:
  • Improve clarity regarding roles and expectations of the team and their leadership
  • Learn better methods for estimating and planning
  • Learn how to improve pre-planning activities
  • Dig deeper into team dynamic and ‘layer below the surface’ issues
  • Identifying solutions to common team allocation and multitasking problems
  • Identifying key skill gaps within the team and developing a skills roadmap
  • Gaining alignment and common understanding on the Agile lifecycle end-to-end
  • Identifying key Agile engineering gaps
  • Learning about stable teams and how work should flow through to the teams
Course Outline:

Note: This workshop is completely customized to fit your team’s needs, but a typical outline will include the following:

  • Introduction
  • Assessment
    • Individual Members Respond to the Online Agile Maturity Model
    • Assess Results – Strengths Weakness Opportunities and Threats Team Assessment
    • Understand Root Causes
    • Establish and Prioritize Items to Address in Workshop
  • Team Learning
    • Discussions and Exercises to Address Items Identified During Assessment
  • Closing
    • Review Changes to Process and/or Team Behaviors
    • Develop SMART Objectives for Next 90 Days

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