Jira and Confluence

ATTENTION: Our next online, public instructor-led Jira Training and/or Confluence Training offering will be held once monthly over a two to three day period. For specific times and dates, simply reach out using any of the links below and we will be with you in 24 hours or less. While we prefer on site training, we can also host a private online course for any group of three or more on your schedule.

Why Our Jira?

Our Instructors are business and process experts who are also experts in the Atlassian tool suite.

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Our Jira and Confluence Courses

nTier offers comprehensive training solutions for enterprise Atlassian customers. We offer onsite and online instructor led classes across the globe.  We have a variety of Jira training and Confluence classes suited for power users, teams, product managers, project managers, and administrators.

At nTier, our team uses Atlassian products everyday on real projects, not just in an advisory capacity. In the process of mastering the tools, we have learned many practical ideas to communicate in our classes.

Unlike video or lecture-style courses, our curriculum includes extensive hands-on work and exercises utilizing the latest in Cognitive Neuroscience (the science of how we learn) and Training From the Back of The Room concepts to create both an entertaining and educational experience. Students get practical experience and see first hand what it is like to work with the tools to manage a project or team.

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Customized to fit your timeline and goals

Each of these outlines can be customized to fit your timeline and goals. Whether it’s Jira training, Confluence, other Atlassian tools or a combination there of for your project, agile team, or enterprise, if you don’t see what you’re looking for we’ll build the perfect course customized for you from scratch.

Jira Project Management (Recommended 2 Days)

Agile Project Management with Jira and Confluence (Recommended 3 Days)

Confluence Bootcamp (Recommended 2 Days)

If you don’t see something you’re interested in, please click here and let us know how we can customize the ideal course for you or your team!

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