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we provide comprehensive training to help you and your team develop the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

Is your organization facing these issues?

Common Challenges Non-Agile Organizations Face

Non-agile teams lack flexibility and adaptability, which can lead to delayed delivery, increased costs, and a lower quality product.
Poor Team Communication
Inadequate communication within the team can lead to delays, misunderstandings, and reduced productivity, resulting in longer development cycles.
Long Development Cycles
Long development cycles can result in delayed feedback and cause projects to miss deadlines or exceed budgets. This can also make it difficult to adapt to changes in requirements or priorities.
Lack of Team Collaboration
Poor collaboration leads to lack of shared understanding, reduced productivity, and increased risk of errors and conflicts.
Maximize your team's potential with Agile Accelerators!

This is how we can help.

Agile methodologies are becoming increasingly popular in today’s fast-paced business environment. Our offerings are designed for organizations struggling to achieve real results with incremental delivery.

Our targeted workshops help businesses understand key success elements at the team, manager, and leadership levels. With an embedded advisor, we accelerate performance, providing practical tools for every step of the journey. This is the most consistent path to delivering more products or services while enhancing your culture

Our comprehensive course includes two workshops focused on educating teams, managers, and leaders on agile methodologies.


Who is Agile Accelerators for?

Typical candidates for this training work have experience in an agile organization and are disillusioned or frustrated with their current progress or ability to produce meaningful results. Attend these if you’re looking for specific, pragmatic, hands-on tools and techniques that work.


• Get better communication and collaboration among team members.

• Agile methodology allows for more flexibility and adaptability in project management.

• Allows for faster and more frequent delivery of value to stakeholders.


• Promotes collaboration, communication, and teamwork

• Emphasizes continuous improvement

• Builds stronger technical skills within the team. 

• Helps break down complex projects into manageable tasks

• Agile teams tend to be more productive and efficient due to their collaborative and iterative approach.


• Identifies and mitigates risks earlier

• Learn to promote a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement

• Provides transparency and visibility for data-driven decisions.

• Technical leaders can better manage resources and timelines with agile methodologies.

Ready to take your team to the next level? Our training program will help you and your team achieve your goals.

A Level I workshop is intended to provide an overview of the practical tools by role needed to produce real results with agile.

Workshop I

Agile Team training

Training to enhance team productivity using agile methodology.

Teams will learn about tools that increase transparency and help them understand the motivation and purpose of core agile practices.

The Self-Managing Team
Functional Cross Functionality
Mastering the Task Board
Agile Management Tools (JIRA, Azure etc.)
The Agile Microscope
Practical Prioritization
Engaged Stakeholders
Product Discovery
Data Driven Flow
Lean Lessons
Value Stream Acceleration
Systems Thinking
Managing Work
Agile management training

Improve management skills with Agile training.

Managers will learn to refocus their efforts on managing the work vs the workers and begin the process of operating in an agile way.

Agile leadership training

Develop agile leadership skills to manage and motivate teams towards success.

Leaders will learn to “think in agile” to increase predictability and begin the process of deliberately guiding their culture.

Cathedral Thinking
Principle Power
Visibility = Predictability
Systemic Intelligence
L5 Thinking
Strategic Culture
First and Foremost
The purpose of Level II is to offer even more powerful tools focused on removing barriers to organizational growth.

Workshop II

Effective Design
Agile Code
Pragmatic DevOps
The Self-healing Team
more in depth TEAM TRAINING

Teams are given the tools to find the most effective methods for THEIR environment.

Customized Agile training for teams to discover the most effective methods in their environment.

Understand what agile means for management

Empower Managers with Agile for Productivity and Worker Satisfaction

Our agile program empowers managers to identify and measure real value, reduce bureaucracy, and increase productivity while improving worker satisfaction

Outcome Based Management
Determining Done
Delivering Continuous Value
Persevere, Pivot, or Perish
Portfolio Management
Purposeful Leading
Speed Batching
Innovation is Job #1
Eradicating Impediments
Learn how to "Think in agile" for more productive leaders

Lead with purpose, speed, and strategy in agile for success

Drive agile success with purposeful leading, speed batching, and strategic resource management – learn to think in agile for more productivity as a leader

increase transparency and understand the motivation and purpose of core agile practices within your team

Training Advisory Services

Our private training services offer the best opportunity for success for your team. With more hands on experience, teams and leaders will have a more agile team, producing better results in your organization.

Why does my organization need Training Advisory?
Improve team collaboration, increase project success rates, enhance product quality, and accelerate time-to-market through our agile Training Advisory services.
Benefits of Our Advisory Services
  • Improved agility and flexibility

  • Increased productivity

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

  • When to consider Agile Training Advisory for your company
    If you are looking to adopt agile methodologies, improve team collaboration, shorten development cycles, enhance project management, and increase productivity.
    We provide the Best agile Training

    Our Services


    • 4 weeks full time practicing empirical based agile.

    • Empirical Audit – 3 consecutive quarters


    • 8 weeks @ 10 hours per week

    • Empirical Audit – 3 consecutive quarters


    • 8 weeks @ 10 hours per week

    • Empirical Audit – 3 consecutive quarters

    Ready to take your team to the next level?