Agile for Managers and Leaders

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This course is both for managers and executives that are either taking over agile teams or beginning the transition to using an agile framework for project delivery. The primary focus of this training experience is on the manager as a leader and the skills required to overcome common challenges and guide Agile organizations toward continuous improvement. Class time will be equally divided between discussion and hands-on exercises.

Course Duration:

2 days


This course is designed for mangers, project managers and executives.


Students should complete an introductory Agile or Scrum class within six months of taking this course or possess equivalent experience on an Agile/Scrum team.

Course Objectives:

  • Gain insight from agile transformation case studies and understand the lessons learned from each example
  • Learn to lead versus manage
  • Know how to hold teams accountable in an Agile world
  • Understand the common challenges organization’s face when transitioning to Agile and how to tackle them head on
  • Understand how to estimate the Product Backlog and how to use key metrics to conduct long-range planning
  • Learn how to guide continuous improvement of the Agile teams and the organization
Course Outline:
  • Systems and Lean Thinking
    • Rules and Fallacies that Cause Bad Decisions
    • Laws of Systems Thinking and its Impact
    • Identifying and Managing Waste
    • Consequences of Our Actions – Causal Loop Diagrams
  • Self – Organization and Empowerment
    • Manager/Leader Role in Agile
    • Overlapping Responsibilities
    • Servant Leadership Characteristics
    • Empowerment Scale
    • Team Accountability
  • Energizing Teams
    • Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose
    • Creative Environment
    • Sustainable Pace
  • Building in Craftmanship
  • Building Teams
    • Hackman’s 5 Factors Model
    • Leader and Team Performance Metrics
    • Organizational Working Agreements
    • Self Forming Team Workshops
  • The Next Steps

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