About nTier

Our Story

nTier Training was founded in 2006 on the core belief that there is a superior way to train technical teams. Headquartered in Atlanta, nTier’s community of experts designs custom learning solutions and delivers on-site training around the globe to help clients complete projects better, faster and cheaper than ever before.

  • Instructors and Coaches with Real-World Experience 100% 100%
  • Repeat Customers 90% 90%
  • Overall Client Satisfaction 96% 96%

Our Training Philosophy

Proven Methods

Experience tell us that in order to quickly build affordable and high-quality software, teams need a standard skill set, optimized collaboration and knowledge of the latest technologies and methodologies.


Every team and project is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all training solution. We believe customization is vital to successful learning because it ensures the solution directly supports your goals and needs.

Engaging Delivery

Although virtual learning can be successful when delivered correctly, we believe in the power of a traditional classroom setting. Retention increases when a knowledgeable trainer engages with students in-person.

Instant Improvement

Students should leave a corporate training experience with new knowledge they can immediately apply to their work. That’s why we believe in hands-on training solutions that incorporate real-word challenges.

Our Team

Ed Lance

Chief Technology Officer

Ed Lance brings more than 25 years of hands-on programming experience to corporate training engagements. He joined the tech industry in the late 90s and in short order was fortunate enough to have a seat at Ken Schwaber’s first Scrum Master class while onsite at Microsoft.

Ed went on to spend five years at Sears – initially as a developer and later as a trainer and curriculum developer facilitating seminars and in-house courses on Java and Agile fundamentals – followed by nearly two years as a trainer and courseware developer at Keane (now NTT Data). Ed learned early on that a trainer can never stop being a developer; that skill set must constantly be honed, and this is the basis on which he formed nTier Training in 2006.