Spring Boot Bootcamp

This Comprehensive Spring Boot bootcamp is focused on helping existing Java developers quickly   build and manage Spring Boot based applications. Instead of taking a traditional approach to Java EE development with Spring, the program begins by jumping right into Spring Boot. Using a progressive learning format, each session builds on the prior session so that when the boot camp completes, an engineer will have learned how to build and test comprehensive Spring Boot services. Spring Cloud topics will also be introduced including the scaling of applications using Docker containerization

Survey of Design Patterns Training

nTier’s Java Design Patterns training course seeks to develop, for the experienced Java programmer, a strong, shared vocabulary of design patterns and best practices. The course begins with a discussion of how to recognize and apply design patterns – that is, how to incorporate pattern awareness into one’s own analysis, design, and implementation practices. The main body of the course focuses on the Gang of Four design patterns, with a chapter each on creational, behavioral, and structural patterns. Classroom time is about evenly split between discussion, group design exercises, and coding labs to reinforce finer points of important patterns. Students will be challenged to bring their own previous development experience to the discussion, to see the patterns in everyday design and coding solutions. The course puts more emphasis on some patterns than others.
nTier also offers J2EE Patterns training and effective software development training boot camp.

Spring Enterprise Integration Training

This course encompasses topics and technologies related to enterprise application integration. This hands-on training teaches how to apply Spring to solve integration problems that face server-side developers.