Puppet Configuration and Management

This course presents the system management and configuration tool Puppet, from methods and techniques to capabilities and implementation. Each participant will learn how to install the Puppet master and agent (node) applications along with the impact on the Linux system. Class time will primarily be spent learning, writing and applying resource definitions, the key part of Puppet that allows an administrator to synchronize environments easily and uniformly.

DevOps Boot Camp

The DevOps Boot Camp is an instructor-led training experience that covers the basics of DevOps and its associated tools. The goal of the course is to prepare operations staff to use the various tools under the DevOps umbrella. The course has hands-on exercises to reinforce the material, and at the end of the class, students will have a code base that they can refer to when solving real business problems.


This course teaches participants to deploy basic system configurations using best practices for Puppet in a Master-Agent setup. The majority of class time is spent constructing scripts for different scenarios together as a class.

Introduction to Chef

This Introduction to Chef course is designed to familiarize students with the benefits of Chef for both systems and application design. This course will provide the fundamental knowledge participants need to speed up configuration management and application deployment using Chef.