This course provides a practical, all-encompassing overview of the use, architecture, scaling, configuration and development of ElasticSearch and Kibana as a distributed search and reporting solution.

Audience: The course is for those who want to gain understanding of the extensive features of the ElasticSearch search server and the Kibana data visualization and dashboard system.
Course Duration: 2 days
Course Objectives:
  • Understand what ElasticSearch is and why/how it is different
  • Learn about Kibana and how it interacts with ElasticSearch
  • Study distributed/sharded services and how membership managed in ElasticSearch
  • Understand core search analytics, including the data types and the queries involved
  • Know the extended search analytics provided
  • Learn tuning and optimization techniques in ElasticSearch
  • Know operational concerns of ElasticSearch
  • Explore ElasticSearch Integration with other systems
Course Outline:
  • Distributed Search vs. Standard Databases
  • ElasticSearch Defined
  • Basic Terminology
  • Installation/setup, Basic Operation, Configuration
  • APIs and Gateways
  • Clusters, Shards and Replicas
  • Mappings, Multiple Indices, Index Aliases and Cross-Index Operations
  • Basic Loading and Data Management
  • Loading Data from Alternative Sources
  • Lucene Search Basics and Search Query DSL
    • Query And Filter Context
    • Match All Query
    • Full Text Query
    • Term Level Query
    • Compound Query
    • Joining Query
    • Geographic Query
  • Cluster State Recovery, Replica Configuration, Routing, Shard Over Allocation
  • Capacity Planning, Performance Tuning And Memory Allocation
  • Understanding Event Data and Aggregations
  • Connecting Kibana to Elasticsearch
  • Data Discovery In Kibana
  • Designing Reports/Dashboards In Kibana
  • Kibana Discover Interface
  • Kibana Visualize Interface