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The nTier Way: Immersive Solutions for your Talent Development Needs

Targeted Technical Training

High impact custom technical training solutions to accelerate your team’s learning curve, build applied technical capabilities, and solve real world problems.

Agile Ways of Working

Hands-on Agile Training to help your organization align, prioritize, collaborate, innovate and deliver faster and more effectively.  

Integrated Tech Talent and Development Strategies

Technical talent advisory, strategy and execution. Let us discover and assess your needs together and provide a custom roadmap to success.

Technical Training

Expect Great Things

Instant Improvement

If your workforce needs to quickly master new skills, nothing beats on-site training. We send an expert instructor with real-world experience directly to you. Plus, our curriculum is full of hands-on labs to maximize comprehension.

Slack in the Budget

We optimize training to include only the content your teams need. Less class time means reduced training costs, minimal time away from work and more money left over.

A More Productive IT Department

Our training philosophy goes beyond individual skills by promoting team growth. When your IT department works cohesively, projects are finished faster and with less errors.



  • Needs analysis
  • Course recommendation
  • New course outline creation
  • Exiting outline customization
  • Development or customization of course materials
  • Material printing and shipping
  • On-site course delivery
  • Completion certificates

Corporate Programs

All Together Now

Sync departmental learning efforts with a customized corporate training strategy or onboarding program for your technical talent.

Out-Do Your Competition

Developing your technical workforce is a key driver of innovation. A culture of learning and curiosity empowers teams to develop better ideas in less time. 

Get More Stuff Done

Imagine a world where your IT teams all share the same cutting-edge skills with no knowledge gaps. It’s time to claim that untapped velocity.

Boost Employee Retention

When you invest in your technical talent, you reinforce their value. They’ll be excited to accomplish better work with less effort and will find motivation in their own success.


  • Technical auditing
  • Needs analysis
  • Strategy or roadmap development
  • Curriculum and course development
  • Logistics management
  • Material printing and shipping
  • On-site course delivery
  • Completion certificates
  • Regular program evaluation and fine-tuning

Coaching and Consulting

Stay the Course

Experience Lasting Change

Prevent teams from falling back into old habits and protect your initial training investment. Coaching ensures your organization enjoys the full benefits of new frameworks or technologies as quickly as possible.

Plan with Confidence

Tired of guesswork? Our consultants strategize with you to create a precise plan of attack, applying all their expertise to your goal so you know you’re moving in the right direction.

Get Back to What You Do Best

Our coaches reduce your team’s learning curve, and our consultants help you conquer unfamiliar tasks efficiently. With all that out of the way, your IT teams can get back to developing and delivering value to your customers. 



  • Evaluation of need or challenge
  • Design customized IT or Agile coaching strategy
  • On-site implementation of coaching strategy
  • Create consulting solutions for security and more
  • On- or off-site implementation of consulting strategy

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